Featured Charleston Restaurants

Charleston in South Carolina caters to every type of foodie. Of the hundreds of places you can hit to gorge on some indelible American cuisine, there are more than fifty places specializing in seafood, more than three dozen also specializing in Italian, around thirty Mexican restaurants, almost two dozen places serving Chinese, close to a dozen French restaurants, around twenty restaurants specializing in barbecue and more than a dozen steakhouses. Here is a concise list of the finest places to eat in Charleston.


  1. Halls Chophouse is an American steakhouse on King Street in Charleston. You should ideally have a steak or go for brunch. Don’t miss the creamed corn. It is a busy place, mostly because of tourists flocking in and out every hour of the day.
  2. Visit Magnolias on East Bay Street in downtown Charleston. It specializes in contemporary American cuisine but it has not forgotten its Low Country roots. The place specializes in shellfish, pies, cookies, puddings, salads and crab cakes.
  3. Circa 1886 Restaurant on Wentworth Street in Charleston is a paradise if you love soufflé, amuse-bouche and the classic steak. They have two menus. You may prefer the regular menu. The tasting menu is for experimenters.
  4. If you are craving for some Italian while in Charleston, go to La Fontana Authentic Italian Restaurant Bar & Pizzeria on Savannah Highway. The place is a bit pricey but your longing for some authentic, old school Italian cuisine will be more than satiated.
  5. Slightly North of Broad on East Bay Street in Charleston has quite a few surprises up its sleeve. Try the crab salad, lamb chops, tuna and scallops with lobster, grass fed carpaccio and the salmon.
  6. Located on Meeting Street, FIG is a foodie’s paradise. It is not your regular dine out experience. From the tilapia to the king crab, lamb Bolognese gnocchi to rare golden rice, every handpicked dish in the menu is there for a reason.


The list does not include the relatively smaller mom and pop restaurants. They are in a league of their own and anyone interested in an authentic Low Country experience must check out any of the otherwise humble eateries.