Famous Southern Foods of Charleston, SC – Boiled Peanuts

Boiled peanuts—These aren’t your average salted peanuts. Boiled in heavily salted water for hours (with additional flavorings), these nuts become soft, salty, and smooth. Boiled peanuts are widely consumed in the Southern United States, where it is considered a folk cultural practice. For the best turnout, it is common to use raw or green peanuts. Varieties of this traditional dish exist in different regions of the South, however, it is common to see flavorings such as ham hocks, hot sauce, beer, and other Cajun seasonings. 
Boiled peanuts are of great importance in South Carolina, where this popular street food is consumed regularly. In fact, on May 1, 2006, governor Mark Sanford signed a bill which declared boiled peanuts as the official snack food of South Carolina. Normally, this snack is eaten by itself, although it can be flavored with a wide variety of things. People love them too, since they take on a soft, smooth, texture and a strong flavor. Some people do not like them, however, as they can be a pain to eat, especially when it comes to removing the shell. 
There are many places to find this food, including roadside. However, popular establishments serving this Southern delicacy in Charleston include Timbo’s Peanuts, Poogan’s Smokehouse, and The Mason Jar. All of these places have something which makes their version incredible, so it is recommended that you try at least one.