Famous Southern Foods of Charleston, SC – BBQ

While barbecue is popular throughout the country, there’s also plenty of debate about which style is best. As previously noted, Carolina barbecue is pork that uses a vinegar base. However, some detractors of this style prefer sweeter sauces, using molasses or ketchup. There’s also a range of meats used for barbecue throughout the country, some beef, and some a combination of beef and pork. 

As with any good barbecue, a tasty side dish is a must! The Carolinas usually serve up sides of macaroni and cheese, coleslaw, and collard greens. That’s not all though, there’s plenty of variety if you want to try something different. Some restaurants have jalapeno cheese grits and pimento cheese fries on the menu. 

If you’re looking for some of the best barbecue in Charleston then check out these top 3 restaurants! 

  • Rodney Scott’s BBQ – Noted for long lines out the door this restaurant offers up smokey goodness. 
  • Lewis BBQ – This restaurant combines the best of both worlds for barbecue lovers. The owner, a Texan, showcases brisket but there’s also pork on the menu as well. 
  • Swig & Swine – A popular restaurant, Swig and Swine combines two favorite things – BBQ and craft beers!