Experience “Little London” in the Historical Churches of Charleston South Carolina

There are many different reasons why people choose to go on vacations. The number one reason is usually to escape the stressful demands of everyday life. However, sometimes people go on vacations to not only getaway, but to see the different cultures, histories and beauties that exist all over the vast and wonderful world. In South Carolina there exists a beautiful place known as Charleston. Charleston is home to many wonderful attractions that draw thousands of tourists each year. It is known as one of the most romantic destinations in America, and is loved for its historical city. Many people who vacation in South Carolina flock to Historic Charleston to see its fantastic old architecture, which includes a variety of government buildings and a number of historical churches that are often referred to as “Little London”. 

The term “Little London” is used due to the styles of the buildings that were largely developed under English colonialism. St. Michaels Church is the oldest church building located in Charleston. It was inspired by the work of a London architect of the time, and was built in 1751. It is located near St. Philips Church at the corner of Meeting and Broad streets. 

St. Philips Church was the most refined church built in the English colonies for the time. It had a tower and porticoes and greatly resembled the elegant churches that existed before the Great Fire that occurred in London during 1666. Sadly in 1835, St. Philips’s Church was decimated by a fire, but it was later reconstructed to look almost identical to the original structure. 

Another fascinating church is the Circular Congregational Church that was constructed in 1804. It was the first building designed by American- native architect, Robert Mills. This church is uniquely the first in America to be styled like the Pantheon. Mills also designed the First Scots Presbyterian Church (1814), the First Baptist Church (1818) and many more. Each of the historic churches that were built by Mills and the other architects in Charleston were based on various different types of beautiful historical architecture that includes Greek Revival, Jeffersonian Classicism, Romanesque Revival, and Gothic Revival. 

You would be amazed at how incredible these churches are in size. When you gaze at these historical wonders, you will find that each has its own fascinating story to tell. You can discover the many different churches through tours, or by taking your own map and walking through the many streets of the beautiful Charleston city. You will find that inside these churches lie not only excellent art and beauty, but hard work, dedication and the history of a number of different religions and celebrations. 

When you visit Charleston South Carolina you will not want to miss out on seeing for yourself these great wonders that are positively breathtaking. No pictures will ever do justice in capturing the delicious image of these spectacular historical churches; experience first hand the true importance and enchantment of Charleston’s great history through its fabulous architecture.