Your Guide to Charleston’s Food Trucks

Charleston has a well-established restaurant scene, but the food truck crazy has taken our small city by storm. These food trucks, however, differ slightly from their Austin, Texas and Portland, Ore. brethren. While trucks in other parts of the country are often devoted to a single food niche—maybe avocado tacos, or perhaps creative uses for falafel—ours tend to be more generalist. Here, food trucks are more of a stand-in for an office cafeteria—and with around 220 trucks, carts, and trailers in the area, you’re bound to find something you’ll enjoy. Here are a few of our favorites.


Our Favorite Charleston Food Trucks

Dashi—Opened by Stephen Thompson and Oscar Hines in 2015, this Asian/Latin fusion truck is famous for its duck curry noodles. Expect to spend between $5 and $11 here.


Lola’s Lumpia and Filipino Cuisine—A newcomer to the Charleston food scene, this truck was opened by Mark and Reneka Prynkiewic in 2018. Try their chicken adobo, which is marinated overnight, browned in a wok, simmered, and served over rice. You’ll likely spend between $4 and $10 here.


Oh Yah BBQ—Another newer truck, Oh Yah BBQ was started by James Romer in 2018. Try “The Adam,” which is pulled pork wrapped in brisket and set on a Hawaiian bun with pickles. You’ll spend from $2 to $18, but don’t forget the fried Oreo desert.


Squeals on Wheels—One of the area’s more popular trucks, Squeals on Wheels was recently taped for a Food Network segment. Try the Piggy Parfait, a monster meal comprising layers of smoked chicken, bacon macaroni and cheese, baked beans, pulled pork, and coleslaw. You’ll spend between $3 and $12.


Brunch Holiday—This truck opened in 2017 and has received a lot of good attention. Their beer-appropriate food is decidedly British, and you’ll spend anywhere from $7 to $11 to eat here. Their signature dish is a sandwich with British back bacon, sage sausage, a fried egg, herb-stewed tomatoes, portobellos with Irish cheddar, and HP sauce on buttered Texas toast.


Herd Provisions—Founder Alec Bradford hired a fishmonger to create the menu for Herd Provisions, which opened in 2017. While here, try the friend brussels sprouts with honey sauce.


Towin’ the Dough—Started by Sean Connor and Vince Laviano in 2015, this pizza truck comes at an accessible price point. Try the mushroom truffle pizza for a cool $4.