The list of the finest places to eat in Charleston cannot be complete without FIG. Located on Meeting Street, FIG is a foodie’s paradise. It is not your regular dine out experience. From the tilapia to the king crab, lamb Bolognese gnocchi to rare golden rice, every handpicked dish in the menu is there for a reason. The restaurant has a farm to table policy. Their pasta is made in the house and it stands out. Not every place, even in the culinary delight called Charleston, will satiate you with their salads, appetizers, main courses and desserts. FIG is one of the exceptions. You can go heavy on the proteins or opt for a light fish stew. You should also try the baked Alaska. It is divine. The only problem with this place is getting a place. It remains notoriously busy and even reservations are hard to secure.


Photo courtesy of Foursquare/ThisGirlCanEat.