Taste the Restaurants of Charleston and Discover a Number of Delicious Flavors

One of the greatest aspects about going on a vacation is experiencing the excellent food that is authentic to the culture. These foods are unlike anything else you will taste, because they are made with the love and richness that is the heart of the people. In Charleston, South Carolina there exist some of the finest dishes that you will ever taste in America. From traditional food, international food, fast food and fine dining, Charleston South Carolina has it all. 

The Southern dishes are a combination of West African and European culture, and are the native traditional foods of Charleston. Of these Southern dishes, two of the most celebrated are shrimp and grits and she-crab soup. These are two fresh delicacies that must be tried by any visitor of Charleston. Many different restaurants sell these plates and you will find that of all the food that you can eat in Charleston, nothing quite outshines the “Low Country Cuisine” that Charleston is known for. 

If you are looking to explore and tease your taste buds, you can choose from a number of restaurants that sell international dishes, such as Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, French and Indian. There are steak houses, and a variety of seafood places, where you can experience some of the best tasting fresh catches that the Atlantic Ocean has to offer. There are also coffee shops, bistros, clubs and bars. 

There are over 50 different restaurants located all over Charleston, so you won’t have a problem finding something you like. The vast majority of the restaurants have a semi-formal dress code, so you will not have to worry about purchasing an expensive outfit to attend dinner. Here are some of the many restaurants that you can choose from: Long Island Café, Café Suzanne, Middleton Place Restaurant, Banana Cabana, Ocean Highway Café and Market, Bert’s Bar and Grill, Slightly up the Creek and T-Bonz and Kaminsky’s. You will discover that many of these restaurants are also known for their spectacular Sunday brunches and beautiful scenery. 

You will find that the wine lists, in a number of the restaurants is superb. There are many signature drinks that you can order; and there are even a number of different breweries that you can visit to enjoy the authentic taste of homemade Charleston Beer. 

When you stay in Charleston, you will be in awe of the many great events and the beautiful historical scenery that is native to the land. Indulge in the wonderful tastes that Charleston presents to you; and experience dishes that will leave you with scrumptious mouth-watering memories, which will tempt you to return to the divine delicacies of Charleston again and again.