Charleston is a City of Pop-Ups—Here Are Our September Picks

Pop-up restaurants, also called supper clubs, are extremely popular in Charleston, NC. These temporary restaurants have been popping up all over the city since the mid 2010s, and we’re loving every piece of it. This type of food service has been useful for both younger chefs and well-established cooks looking for a short-term change of […]

Your Guide to Charleston’s Food Trucks

Charleston has a well-established restaurant scene, but the food truck crazy has taken our small city by storm. These food trucks, however, differ slightly from their Austin, Texas and Portland, Ore. brethren. While trucks in other parts of the country are often devoted to a single food niche—maybe avocado tacos, or perhaps creative uses for […]

Palmetto Perfect: The Famous Foods of South Carolina

Charleston’s food scene has deep roots in southern tradition. Our favorite foods have delicious, often complicated histories. Recipes are passed down from generation to generation, every bite telling a story. If you’re a South Carolina native or just visiting for the weekend, you’ll likely see many (or all!) of these foods on restaurant menus, being […]